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We are proud to have 106 videos on our You Tube page.  You can click on the link at the bottom of this page for a direct link to our Slovenian Style Polka videos.  Above that link is a list of the bands we have that make up the 106 videos on our page.

Bob Kravos and the Boys in the Band:  circa 2005- 1 video, circa 2003- 4 videos
Brian Papesh Band:  circa 2019, 3 videos
Del Sinchak Band, circa 2010:  6 videos
Dick Tady and the DTO, circa 2011:  5 videos
Don Wojtila Band:  circa 1980's:  5 videos
Don Wojtila Show Band:  circa early 1990's:  1 video
Eddie Rodick:  circa 1991:  5 videos
Eric Noltkamper (and some with Nancy Noltkamper):  circa 2012:  4 videos
Frankie Spetich Orchestra:  circa 1998:  6 videos
Gaylord Klancnik:  circa mid 1980's:  1 video
George Staiduhar:  circa 2003:  5 videos, circa 2011:  9 videos
Jeff Pecon Orchestra:  circa 1995:  5 videos, circa 2002:  circa 2009:  1 video, 4 videos, circa 2016: 4 videos
Joe Fedorchak Orchestra:  circa 2003:  2 videos
Joey Tomsick and the JTO:  circa 1990:  1 video, circa 2010:  4 videos
John Detelich:  circa mid 1980's:  2 videos
Klancnik and Friends (some with Frankie Spetich Sr.):  circa 2008:  9 videos
Magic City Button Box Showcase:  various years:  5 videos
Polka Hall of Fame All Stars:  circa 1996:  3 videos
Skovenski Family Band:  2016:  1 video
Steve Meisner:  2017:  2 videos
Wayne Tomsic Combo:  circa 2010:  4 videos
Zolka Brothers Band:  circa 1991:  5 videos

Click here to go to our You Tube page:   www.youtube.com/SlovenianMelodies