Visit this page to stay up to date with the latest recordings in the Slovenian, Cleveland-Style Polka field.  We will list the recordings we are receiving and airing on our 24/7 show and some information about some digital downloads.  Some may be new to us, but not a latest release.  We will also give you information as to how to contact the bands or musicians so you can get your own copy from them.  If you have any CD's you would like played on the air, go to our "SHOW FACTS" page and get in touch with us at 

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This page was last updated: December 6, 2019

RECEIVED:   OCTOBER 16, 2018:  A great new CD has been released by Jordan Rody from Alberta, Canada.  "Main Squeeze" includes 12 Cleveland-style polkas and waltzes and some fantastic vocals.  Jordan has played with the Western Senators for a number of years and uses some of the Senators as his sidemen on this recording.  CD's are $15.00, plus shipping and handling and can be ordered by emailing Jordan at or by calling him at 780-803-3722.  This will be a great addition to  your polka CD collection.
RECEIVED:   NOVEMBER 27, 2017:  We are so happy to announce a new release from Frankie Spetich.  Joe Godina has put together 18 tunes that were on either 78 or 45 records and it sounds great!  These tunes help Frankie's legend live on five years after his death.  "Melodies from the Past" is available by emailing me at: or you can contact Joe through his website at:
RECEIVED:   JUNE 3, 2018:   Mike Schneider has a new, fantastic CD out for all of you polka lovers entitled "The Original Collection".  This disc contains 17 tunes, all of which are Mike Schneider originals, including cut #1 which has never been released before.  This is a download only recording, but to get your copy, visit Mike's website at:  
RECEIVED: JUNE 18, 2018:  Tom Brusky has a new recording available, entitled, "Positively Polka".  PER TOM:  " The bulk of the album is comprised of instrumental polkas and waltzes performed in the Slovenian/Cleveland-style, but you'll also hear a few other polka styles as well as some amazing vocal performances and unique arrangements".  There are many guest musicians and two fantastic female vocalists, Abby Broeniman and Mollie B.  This recording is available for download at .  You may also purchase a CD at
RECEIVED: OCTOBER 2, 2018: Ron Pivovar and John Hasper from have worked together for Ron's latest disc.  "The Best of Otter Creek" features 24 tunes from Ron's Otter Creek series of recordings through the years.  Many of the tunes are originals written by Ron.  This disc is a must have and to get your copy, email Ron at
RECEIVED:   DECEMBER 1, 2018: A great new disc has been sent to us by the talented Alex Meixner.  This 17 tune recording features Alex on many different instruments playing many different styles of polka music.  He is indeed one of the best musicians in the polka field today.  To get this disc, contact Alex at
RECEIVED: DECEMBER 3, 2018: The MLB All-Star game came to Cleveland in July, 2019, but some polka all-stars have produced an awesome new CD.  Lynn Marie and Eddie Rodick III have a new CD out entitled, "Home".  Some of the all star special guests include:  Eddie Rodick Jr., Don Hunjadi, Steve Meisner and Kathy Vogt.  The ten songs also include one done by Lynn's dad, Lud Hrovat.  To get your copy, go to Lynn Marie's website at   This would be a great gift for your polka lovin' friend or relative.  Get yours today!!
RECEIVED:  DECEMBER 4, 2018:  Fritz's Polka Band from Verona, New York is celebrating their 40th anniversary in music with a new recording.  This disc contains some great tunes done with the energy and enthusiasm that you see from Fritz and the boys live.  To get your copy, go to their website at
RECEIVED: DECEMBER 8, 2018: Anthony Culkar has released a new CD from two live playing engagements back in September, 2018. Anthony performs, with the help of Alex Kordupel, Wayne Habat and special guest button box player, Wayne Golob. To get your copy of this 21 song CD, call Anthony at: 440-503-6132.
RECEIVED: FEBRUARY 27, 2019: Al Battistelli has a new CD out and this CD is a gift from "Me To You".  Al has been playing the accordion (very well, I might add) for many years and this new recording features many of his originals played in the classic Battistelli style.  It also includes two vocals by his grandson, Albert Battistelli IV.  To get your copy, call Al at 440-960-1155.  You won't be disappointed in this new recording.
RECEIVED:   APRIL 27, 2019:  The Lorain Slovenian Button Box Club has released their LP from the earlier 1980's on CD.  "Down Home Polkas and Waltzes, Slovenian Style" features some fantastic polkas and waltzes by a group of talented musicians and singers that includes Wayne Golob and Al Battistelli.  Peppermint Records has done a great job bringing this recording up to modern technology levels and it sounds great.  To get a copy, call Peppermint at 330-783-2222.
RECEIVED:  MAY 11, 2019:  Ron Pivovar has a new CD and it's a bit different, in such that it doesn't include polkas and waltzes.  "Classic Country" features Ron playing another genre of music that he loves, country, with his fantastic musicianship and some great musicians.  To get your copy, contact Ron at
RECEVIED:  AUGUST 28, 2019:  A CD that has been out for almost a year but is "new to us" arrived today from John Hasper.  "Polka Funraiser, Volume 2" from the Polka Hall of Fame is a fantastic collection of 25 songs by some of the best Cleveland-style bands of today and the past.  To get your copy, call the Polka Hall of Fame at 216-261-FAME.
RECEIVED:  AUGUST 28, 2019:  John Hasper and Joe Godina have collaborated on a new CD that pays tribute to Al Meixner, who passed away in April.  "Remembering Al Meixner" is the name of the new recording and features many great tunes by Al, playing mostly the button box.  To get a copy, go to or call Joe Godina at 724-301-
RECEIVED: OCTOBER 16, 2019:  Fred Kuhar and Classic Records has done it again!  Another great Pecon/Trebar CD is available.  "In Charge" features live recordings of the Pecon band from 1965, 66, and 67.  The tunes on this recording are some of the classic Pecon songs and some others we haven't heard on Pecon recordings for a number of years.  To order yours, call Fred Kuhar at 440-944-4470 or 1-800-427-6552.  You need this CD in your collection.
TO PURCHASE MOST OF YOUR FAVORITE CD'S, NEW AND OLD, VISIT TO PURCHASE MOST OF YOUR FAVORITE CD'S, NEW AND OLD, VISIT  This website has the latest and greatest in all styles of polka music.    
Cleveland International Records is back!  Steve Popovich Jr. is re-starting the label his dad made famous.  For more information on the music they have, and will have available, click on the link to their website:
RECEIVED: DECEMBER 5, 2019: John Hasper and Joe Godina are two great promoters of the Cleveland-style polka.  They have teamed up with Canada's polka king, Walter Ostanek, to produce this new CD.  The 24 songs on this disc were all done by Walter on the button box.  To get your copy, go to