Visit this page to stay up to date with the latest recordings in the Slovenian, Cleveland-Style Polka field.  We will list the recordings we are receiving and airing on our 24/7 show and some information about some digital downloads.  Some may be new to us, but not a latest release.  We will also give you information as to how to contact the bands or musicians so you can get your own copy from them.  If you have any CD's you would like played on the air, get in touch with us at 

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This page was last updated: December 17, 2022

RECEIVED:   NOVEMBER 27, 2017:  We are so happy to announce a new release from Frankie Spetich.  Joe Godina has put together 18 tunes that were on either 78 or 45 records and it sounds great!  These tunes help Frankie's legend live on five years after his death.  "Melodies from the Past" is available by emailing me at: or you can contact Joe through his website at:
RECEIVED: JULY 23, 2020:  Steve Meisner has taken an LP from the 1970's, had Don Hunjadi re-master it, and "Autumn Leaves" is a new CD release from Steve.  This CD has 12 songs, originally on the LP, and one added, bonus tune.  To get your copy of this new CD, call Steve at 262-473-7184 or go to the link lower on this page to order from  
RECEIVED: AUGUST 4, 2020: Nancy Seibert was busy during this quarantine and the results are a new CD, "Lucky Streak" of 19 tunes of different varieties.  It has been 10 years since Nancy's last recording project and this disc is worth the wait.  She has some great polkas and also premiere's the musical talents of her granddaughter on a Christmas tune.  To get your copy, call Nancy at 941-544-8513
RECEIVED: OCTOBER 7, 2020: The holidays are coming soon and Mike Schneider is getting us ready with his brand new Christmas CD, entitled "Christmas Kielbasa".  This 12 song recording has traditional holiday tunes and some originals of Mike's.  This is a great disc for the holidays in a year of chaos and uncertainty.  To get your copy, call Mike at (414) 431-4683.
RECEIVED: NOVEMBER 14, 2020: The Chardon Polka Band have released two new recordings, just in time for the holiday season.  The first, "A Very Polka Christmas" is the band's second holiday CD since they have been together.  This ten song recording features some holiday classics and some original holiday tunes.  The other recording, "Oh No!  Not Again!" is of mix of polkas, waltzes and some other tunes done only as the CPB can record them.  You will not be disappointed in this 15 song CD that includes some classics like "I Saw A Rainbow" and "Cleveland The Polka Town."  To get your copy, contact Jake by phone or email at 440-554-4486 or
RECEIVED: DECEMBER 29, 2020: The Barefoot Becky from Iowa has sent us five CD's that were never in our music library.  Her Christmas CD, "Merry Christmas from Our Heart to Yours", is new and was released in November of 2020.  The other four discs are polkas and waltzes and other varieties of music from this talented lady and some excellent side musicians.  We can not wait to get this music onto our various shows that we have on the air and on the internet.  If you are interested in any of her music, visit her website at:, call her at 1-877-499-7133 or email her at
RECEIVED JUNE 2, 2021:  In a time where not many polka recordings are being released, it is great to get a new CD into our library.  Even better is to get a fantastic CD added to our library.  Ron Pivovar has produced "The National Button Accordion Festival All-Stars, Volume II".  Many talented musicians are participating on this recording and they are many that you hear at the festival during Memorial Day weekend.  Hopefully, the festival will return in 2022!  To get your copy, call Ron Pivovar at:  724-588-3786 or email Ron at
RECEIVED JUNE 8, 2021: Aaron Dussing has a new CD out titled, "Portraits of the Lehigh Valley".  As is usually the case with Aaron's recordings, he uses many styles on this CD.  This new disc pays tribute to Joe Weber, who has had an influence on Aaron's music and career.  Aaron is joined on this recording by Joe's sister, Sue Rabenold, on a number of vocals.  To get a copy of this new CD, contact Joe Godina by phone at 724-301-0121 or by email at:
RECEIVED SEPTEMBER 8, 2021:  Fred Ziwich has helped our drought of no new polka CD's for awhile.  His new CD, "When It's Polka Time in Cleveland (Now and Then)" is yet another great recording with 23 songs of various polka genres done in classic Fred Ziwich style.  He features a few special guest musicians and singers, but does almost of the work by himself.  The tunes are great, the liner notes are awesome and you need to email Fred at to get your copy.
RECEIVED SEPTEMBER 9, 2021: Alex Meixner has a new CD out and let's just say, it's Alex being Alex, and that's a good thing for polka music fans.  This recording hits all the different styles and genres of polka music that Alex does in his dynamic way.  With some special guests, this recording needs to be added to your collection.  To get your copy, go to Alex's website at
RECEIVED:  NOVEMBER 1, 2021:  Fred Ziwich has re-released one of his fantastic Christmas CD's, "Please Santa, Play Me A Song At Christmas".  This disc has not been available for a number of years, but some subtle editing went into this re-issue and if you never had this recording, you need to add it to your collection and for your holiday celebrations.  To obtain a copy, email Fred at
RECEIVED:  NOVEMBER 2, 2021:  Fritz's Polka Band has released their 20th recording, titled "The Hands of Time".  This recording contains a variety of music, as is the case with FPB recordings and gigs. It also has many fantastic guest musicians, along with the stellar regular members of the band.  This recording is available on CD or digital download.  For more information, go to Fritz's website at:  
RECEIVED: DECEMBER 27, 2021:   Frank Moravcik and Linda Hochevar appeared on the Mollie B Polka Party a few years back when they recorded their TV show in Northeast Ohio.  The 12 tunes that were played that day are now available on an audio CD, or you can get the DVD of the band performing those 12 tunes.  We were lucky enough to receive the audio CD that we will play on our various polka shows. If you would like a copy, call or text Frank or Linda at Frank: 216-509-1141 or Linda 216-970-8459 and get your disc from them.
RECEIVED JULY 25, 2022:  Our first CD we have received in 2022 is a dynamite recording from Tom Brusky.  Here is an explanation in Tom's words:  Tom returns to his polka roots once again to deliver a collection of new, original songs, fronted by top vocalists and backed by top musicians. Yes, that's Mollie B on the cover, who is featured on six songs. More vocals are covered by Betillo Arellano, Abby Broeniman, Andrea Ehlinger, Dawn Jones, and Steve Meisner.  To get your copy, visit Tom's website at
RECEIVED:  OCTOBER 3, 2022:  The Penn Ohio Polka Pals are celebrating their 50th anniversary by releasing this fantastic double CD (or flash drive) with 38 songs by 21 bands.  This CD was released at the dance celebrating the organizations 50th anniversary.  Gary Rhamy from Peppermint Records, along with the help of many individuals have made this recording a "must have" for all polka fans.  To get your copy, see a POPP member or call Gary or Del Sinchak at Peppermint Records at 330-783-2222.