Looking for something fun to do that involves dancing or music?  Then this is the place to come and see where your favorite musicians are playing and what events (mostly polka, but not all) are happening.  If you want us to publish your event or schedule, go to the "NEWS" page for contact information, and get your news to us.


AUGUST 8, 6:00 PM:  Schnickelfritz at Hofbrau Haus, Cleveland, Ohio
AUGUST 9, 11:00 AM:  Obzinky Harvest Festival at DTJ Taborville, Olmstead Falls, Ohio.  Music provided by Sokol Greater Cleveland Concert Band, Kordupel/Culkar Band and Frank Moravcik Orchestra.  Great food available!!
AUGUST 9, NOON:  Aaron Dussing at Hofbrau Haus, Cleveland, Ohio
AUGUST 9, 2:00 PM:  Carol and the Keynotes at Lionfest, Thiensville Village Park, Thiensville, Wisconsin
AUGUST 9, 2:00 PM:  Steve Meisner Band at Hiawatha Bar, Sturtevant, Wisconsin
AUGUST 9, 4:00 PM:  Alex Meixner will perform live in the VE Club Biergarten, Warminster, Pennsylvania.  Gates open at 1:00 pm. Don Bitterlich will perform the opening act from 3-4, followed by The Alex Meixner Band from 4-7 pm. Tickets are available through the VE Office at 215-675-5380 on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays from 1-4 pm. Tickets are $15 payable by check, $20 payable by credit card. Food and beverages will be available for purchase. Cash only, no credit cards. Thanks!  Note: We are limited to 250 persons due to the COVID protocols. Masks are required, except when seated.
AUGUST 11, 6:30 PM:  Fritz's Polka Band at Pulaski Park, New York Mills, New York
AUGUST 13, 7:00 PM:  Chardon Polka Band at Downtown Outdoor Recreation Area, Kent, Ohio
AUGUST 13, 7:00 PM:  Wayne Tomsic Orchestra at Town Hall Bandstand, Independence, Ohio
AUGUST 15, 1:00 PM:  Jack Tady and the JTB at Export Ethnic Food Festival, Murraysville, Pennsyvlania
AUGUST 16, 1:00 PM:  Spotlight Polka Band at Cop Shoppe, Wausau, Wisconsin
AUGUST 16, 2:00 PM:  Alex Meixner at Bavarian Brauhaus, Hanover, Maryland,  Seating is limited because of COVID-19 regulations.
AUGUST 16, 3:00 PM:  Autobahn Trio at "Polkas on the Patio" at Portogallo Peppers N'At, Braddock, Pennsylvania  
AUGUST 18, TBA:  Chardon Polka Band at Summer Concert Series, Wickliffe, Ohio
AUGUST 21, 6:00 PM:  Eddie Rodick Band (Eddie Rodick Jr., Eddie Rodick III, Al Bambic, Frank Yasnowski, Phil Srnick) at Hofbrau Haus, Cleveland, Ohio
AUGUST 22, 23, TBA:  Chardon Polka Band at Snowbird Oktoberfest, Sandy, Utah
AUGUST 23, 12:30 PM:  Frank Moravcik Band at DTJ Chicken and Duck Dinner at DTJ Taborville, Olmstead Falls, Ohio
AUGUST 26, 6:00 PM:  Mike Wojtila (with Dan Wojtila) at Winery at Springhill, Geneva, Ohio
AUGUST 27, 7:00 PM:  Fritz's Polka Band at Neawha Park, Oneonta, New York
AUGUST 28, 7:00 PM:  Alex Meixner at West Bend Germanfest Tailgate 2020, West Bend, Wisconsin
AUGUST 29, 7:00 PM:  Spotlight Polka Band at Legion Hall, Three Lakes, Wisconsin
AUGUST 30, 2:00 PM:  Frank Moravcik Band at Wildwoods Bar and Grill, St. Mary's, Pennsylvania
AUGUST 30, 4:00 PM:  Rex Taneri Band at El Cowboy, Austintown, Ohio


SEPTEMBER 4, 5:00 PM:  Steve Meisner Band Virtual Performance for the IPA Festival.  More details on how to watch on your computer coming soon!
SEPTEMBER 12, 3:00 PM:  Wine Festival at Slovenska Pristava, Harpersfield, Ohio.  More information coming soon.
SEPTEMBER 13, 2:00 PM:  Steve Meisner Band at Hiawatha Bar, Sturtevant, Wisconsin
SEPTEMBER 17, 6:00 PM:  Johnny Koenig at Pre-Oktoberfest Party at Village Brauhaus, Alexandria, Virginia
SEPTEMBER 20, 3:00 PM:  Eddie Rodick Orchestra at The Loyalites Lodge #158 Fall Fiesta Theme Dance at SNPJ Farm, Kirtland, Ohio
SEPTEMBER 20, 6:00 PM:  Steve Meisner at Croatian Cultural Club, Joliet, Illinois


OCTOBER 5, 5:00 PM:  Johnny Koenig at Georgia Beer Company Oktoberfest, Valdosta, Georgia
OCTOBER 11, 2:00 PM:  Steve Meisner Band at Hiawatha Bar, Sturtevant, Wisconsin
OCTOBER 17, TBA:  Steve Meisner Band at Legendary Waters Casino Oktoberfest with Richie Yurkovich, Bayfield, Wisconsin
OCTOBER 25, 6:00 PM:  Steve Meisner at Croatian Cultural Club, Joliet, Illinois
OCTOBER 30, 6:00 PM:  Ed Klimczak at American/Czech Club Halloween Party, Dayton, Ohio

​​***We have started our polka calendar again because at least one venue is starting live music again. As more venues open or more bands/musicians get some live gigs, we will continue to update. As always, stay safe, polka fans.***

***For any information on Brian Papesh Band, call Brian at 216-409-7663 or visit his website at www.brianpapeshband.com 
***For any information on Scott Heatcoat, visit his website at www.scottheatcoat.com
***For any information on Mike Wojtila (Musician, bands or radio show), visit his website at www.PolkaGrand.com
***For any information on Squeezebox, call Ted at 419-966-3530
***For any information on Wayne Tomsic Band, call Wayne at 440-526-1587 or email him at:  clewayne@sbcglobal.net
***For any information on The Polka Maestre Band, call 905-277-8555 or visit their website at:  http://thepolkamaestreband.com, they also have a YouTube page at:  https:/www.youtube.com/user/polkamaestre
***For any information on The Hobos, call Phil at 440-474-4344
***For any information on Ken and Mary Turbo Accordions Express, go to:  www.kenandmaryaccordions.com
***For any information on Visinata, call Johnnie Maier at 330-327-9054 or email at jmaierclerk@yahoo.com
***For any information on the Frank Stanger performances, call Frank at 330-338-6854 or Lynne at 724-787-9210
***For any information on the Jack Tady Band performances, call Jack at 724-715-7317
***For any information on the Bob Kravos performances, call Bob at 440-286-5556
***For any information on the Del Sinchak performances, call Del at 330-758-7938
***For any information on the Cleveland, Ohio Thanksgiving event, call the Polka Hall of Fame at 216-261-FAME
***For any information on the Fred Ziwich performances, call Fred at 440-734-2404
***For any information on the Eddie Rodick performances, call Eddie at 440-251-0593
***For any information on the Eric Noltkamper performances, email Eric at nancy@polkas.com

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