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JULY 1, 2008:  Klancnik and Friends made their first appearance in Barberton, Ohio on Friday, June 20.  What a great performance!  The fans at Lake Anna were entertained for two hours by some of the best musicians in the polka industry.  The whole recording band was on hand to perform.  I hope you enjoy this photo of the two accordion players:  one a Polka Hall of Famer (Frankie Spetich), the other, a young man with enormous talent who will win many awards and is a musician beyond his years (Brian O'Boyle).  Also, we hope you enjoy our new website that we are launching today.
JANUARY 17, 2010:  FINALLY!!!! That's how we feel about our latest addition to our website and polka support.  We have figured out You Tube and have started a You Tube page for our polka videos we have in our collection.  We are uploading daily and featuring some "Golden Oldies" very soon.  Go to our You Tube page at:  www.youtube.com/SlovenianMelodies   and enjoy the videos.
DECEMBER 4, 2009:  Joey Tomsick and the JTO cleaned up at Awards Show 22 last Saturday.  Click on the link to see what Rock and Roll Legend John Mellencamp thinks of Joey and the JTO.  http://www.mellencamp.com/?module=news&news_item_id=519&tag=Home
SEPTEMBER 2, 2009:   You may have noticed a new page on our website, our "24/7 Polka Heaven" page.  That is because we are joining the 24/7 home on Sunday, September 6 at 9 PM.  Thanks to Ray Zalokar for getting us started and to Frankie Spetich and Mark Trenta for sponsoring the show on 24/7.
AUGUST 10, 2009: What a great polka weekend in the Akron/Barberton area.  First on Friday, August 7, Jeff Pecon appeared at Lake Anna Park in Barberton, Ohio.  Jeff had some talented "sidemen" including:  Ralph Delligatti (bass), Johnny Pecon Jr. (drums), Paul Yanchar (sax and vocals), Eric Noltkamper (banjo and guitar) and all the way from Nashville, TN, Joey Miskulin (accordian and vocals).  Also, special guest Frankie Spetich appeared with band for three numbers.  Not only do these gentlemen play well, but they are very appreciative of the crowd and were very cordial to a certain radio show host.  On Sunday, the fun continued as the ABC Polka Association had their annual Jam Session at Wolter Park.  Many talented musicians turned out to support the ABC on the hottest day of the summer.  
JULY 9, 2009:  Frankie and I had the pleasure of watching a "Pint Size Polkas" presentation at the Massillon Library last night by Uncle Mike, AKA, Mike Schneider.  The program for all ages was outstanding.  Mike has a good thing going here for learning and for our style of music.  Also, it was nice to see fellow DJ, Matt Shaffer, in attendance there.  Great job, Mike.  Keep up the good work!
FEBRUARY 17, 2009:  Also, what a great job by Mike Schneider on WKYC, Channel 3 in Cleveland on Tuesday morning.  Mike was promoting polkas with Ron Sluga and John Pecon and did a GREAT JOB!  Way to go, Mike.
Use this page as your place for what's happening in the world of polkas.  You may even get a bit of "news" that doesn't have to do with polka music, but might be something to brighten your day.  If you are looking for where and when your favorite band is playing, go to the "Polka Calendar" page. 
JANUARY 25, 2010:  We have added our own Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame page for awards nominations and winners since our website launched in July, 2008.  Click here on the following link for that information:   CLEVELAND-STYLE POLKA HALL OF FAME
MAY 6, 2010:  Thanks to Dick Tady for supporting the show by sending us his latest CD release, Volume 4 of the "Best of..." series.
JUNE 12, 2010:  We have added 4 videos of Wayne Tomsic to our YouTube page.    Thanks to Matt Shaffer for allowing the premiere of the "Slovenian Melodies" band at the ABC polka association picnic.
JULY 2, 2010:  We want to say "Happy 2nd Anniversary" to our website.  Almost 5,500 visitors in two years to our site.  We appreciate all of you.  Also, go to our "Radio Shows" page to listen to our June 27 show with 19 tunes by 19 bands.  
JULY 6, 2010:  Our Independence Day show is now on our "Radio Shows" page, featuring 17 tunes by 17 bands.  We also have 5 new videos on our "You Tube" page featuring George Staiduhar and the Revue.  
AUGUST 30, 2010:  We are sad to announce that John Kuzman passed away on August 28.  He was a polka promoter and owner of Kuzman's Lounge. 
OCTOBER 16, 2010:  Congratulations to Fred Ziwich and Dick Sodja as winners of the Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Awards.  
NOVEMBER 26, 2010:  Condolences to the families of two Polka Hall of Famers, Norm Kobal and Jake Zagger, who passed away this week.

MARCH 22, 2011:  Our March 20th show is on our "Radio Shows" page and we have added ordering info for Del Sinchak's new CD to our "New CD's" page.
APRIL 19, 2011:  Three straight shows (April 3, April 10, April 17) are on our "Radio Shows" page.  Also, we received a new CD from California from Joe Bajuk.  To get your copy, go to our "New CD's" page.
JUNE 5, 2011:  Our premiere of Frankie Spetich's new CD is now on our "Radio Shows" page.  Frankie joins us in the studio to premiere his new disc.  Listen to the show and then order it from our "Spetich" page.  ENJOY!
JUNE 27, 2011:  We were informed today by WAPS that our show will no longer be heard on Sundays from 6-7 PM.  Thanks for all of your support through the 22 years on that station.
FEBRUARY 29, 2012:  Sympathies to the family of Al Hreno, polka musician from the Penn Ohio area, who passed away.
MARCH 16, 2012:  The "Best of 2011" award winners are listed on our 24/7 Polka Heaven page.  Take a look.
AUGUST 23, 2012:  Visit our "New CD's" page for ordering information for the three new CD's by the Pecon/Trebar band.  Also,go to our Radio Shows 2 page to listen to our latest (August 19) radio show.  On this show, we premiere the new fantastic CD by George Staiduhar, and have many other good tunes for your listening pleasure.  Also, we have Thanksgiving Weekend information on our Polka Calendar page and a flier for your viewing pleasure.  Finally, check out the "Polka Hall" page for Awards Show 25 nominees.
AUGUST 29, 2012:  Condolences to the family of Joe Fedorchak, who passed away on August 28.  May he rest in peace.  Also, to the family of Jimmy Kozel on his passing.
DECEMBER 4, 2012:  It is with great sadness to announce the passing of our former co-host, Frankie Spetich.  Frankie passed away after a brief illness in Barberton, Ohio.  His influence on our style of music goes beyond what words can express.  Thoughts and prayers to his wife Betty and other family.
MAY 2, 2014:  Sympathies to the family of Don Lipovac, who passed away at the end of April.
FEBRUARY 11, 2014:  Information for buying Fred Ziwich's new double CD is on the New CD's page.  PHOF Awards Show winners for 2013 are on our Polka Hall Page.  Condolences to the family of Kenny Klancnik. 
MAY 24, 2014:  Condolences to the Grkman family on the loss of Joe Sr.  
SEPTEMBER 18, 2014:  Condolences to the family of Pete Kuhar who passed away.  Pete played many years in brother Fred's band.  Also, our "New CD's" page has the latest releases from Alex Meixner, Joey Miskulin, Johnny Koenig and Scott Heatcoat.
DECEMBER 1, 2014:  All of the PHOF awards were announced.  Go to our "Polka Hall" page to see the winners.
MAY 3, 2015:   Go to our IPAD Shows page for our 25th anniversary show and visit our "24/7" page for the Best of Winners for this year.
JULY 5, 2015:   Thoughts and prayers to the family of Slavko Avesnik, who passed away this week.
SEPTEMBER 21, 2018:  Congratulations to some of the winners of awards that will be given at Awards Show 31, such as Lifetime Achievement and Trustees Honor Roll.  Go to our "Polka Hall" page to see the winners.  
APRIL  23, 2017:  We have added a two videos of Steve Meisner and one of Jeff Pecon on our YouTube page.  Click the link at the top to take you there to see them.  Enjoy!

NOVEMBER 18, 2018:   Polka Parade" is heard on 1340 AM and 98.7 FM in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. More importantly, if you don't live in listening range, you can listen anytime you want by clicking on this link: The Polka Parade website also has a link for you to listen live on Saturday's. Our latest show, the November 17 "Slovenian Hour", is now available on their website. Other editions of our show on the "Slovenian Hour" or "Slovenian Mix" are also available at this link POLKA PARADE.  

OCTOBER 6, 2018:  We are happy to have received the new CD from Ron Pivovar.  It is Ron at his finest.  Also, go to our "New CD's" page to order the new Tony Grandovic CD, the Zeke and Charlie CD produced by John Hasper or the new Rob DeBlander CD. All are fantastic!!
OCTOBER 1, 2018:  Our newest page is our "Shows 2018-19" with our latest shows uploaded.  We still have our archives pages, as well.